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IGM Partners with Shrey Pothini to Help Homeless Youth

November 2011 Donation Drive ☆ Avenues for Homeless Youth

On any given night in Minnesota, 2,500 youth and young adults are homeless and on their own. More than 10,000 young people in Minnesota experience homelessness every year. (

A thoughtful young man, Shrey Pothini, hosted his 8th birthday at IGM Gymnastics to raise awareness concerning homeless youth within our community. IGM was pleased to donate its birthday party services to Shrey in an effort of collecting bath/hand towels & shower gel for the non-profit shelter. We were happy to hear that during the birthday party, Shrey was able to collect 84 towels for the needy!
Thank you to Shrey and his mom for giving IGM the opportunity to be a part of this amazing deed.


"Thank you SO much for hosting Shrey's birthday party/donation drive for Avenues for Homeless Youth.  Everyone who attended had a wonderful time and were talking for days about what a great place IGM is and how much fun they had.  The staff who were at the party were so helpful and energetic.  One of Shrey's guests said that she wanted to start taking gymnastics lessons at IGM so that one day she can teach little children too.  Very cool. "

-Seema (Shrey's mom)

At Savage City Hall, boy with big heart makes big impression

Community activist Shrey Pothini saw his hard work transformed into policy change at the Savage City Council meeting earlier this week.

The only bummer is that he still had to be in bed by 9 p.m.
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Burnsville businesses helping 7-year-old with donations for the homeless

Not many young children would forego birthday presents for a lot of towels, but one south metro 7-year-old is exhibiting the power of generosity, so much so that he has enlisted the help of several businesses in his effort.

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Fun times with the Hope Kids at IGM Gymnastics!

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