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IGM's enthusiastic and safety concious coaches strive to provide the most professional and fun gymnastics instruction to all students. Our coaches receive on-going training to ensure that they are equipped with the finest training techniques available, are USAG safety certified, and have been background checked. Our goal is to always provide the best team of coaches available within our community. We are proud to have trained two United States National Rhythmic Team members; Michelle Milstein and Sarah Kudishevich.

"A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be."

Tom Landry


Irina Kim

Owner & Team Coach

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International Gymnastics Training Center, formally located in Woodbury, MN has been Irina’s dedication from the time she moved to the United States from Kazakhstan in 1997. She began her journey in U.S. as an Artistic Team coach and founded the Rhythmic program at the IGM Training Center. Soon thereafter Irina established and expanded the new IGM Gymnastics in its current Burnsville location. Her broad knowledge of the sport and many years of experience have given her the opportunity to organize a variety of programs that IGM currently offers. Her Artistic gymnastics experience includes training at the Future Olympic Academy in Minsk, Belarus from age 9 to 18. Later she transitioned into Rhythmic gymnastics and finished her athletic career as a synchronized swimmer on the Belarus National Team. Irina coached gymnastics in Belgium prior to moving to the United States and later became the sole owner of IGM Gymnastics. Her sister, a five time Olympic medalist, Nellie Kim, acts as Irina’s adviser on many gymnastics related topics.

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Aleksei Kuzmin

Boys Team Head Coach

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Heather Van Bellinger

Xcel Team Head Coach

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Heather has been a coach since 1992. Throughout her coaching career she has trained gymnasts that have qualified for State competitions, continued on to College gymnastics and/or became gymnastics coaches themselves. Currently, Heather is the head coach of IGM's Xcel competitive team. Heather loves working with kids and seeing their passion for gymnastics. As a coach, she sees value in the challenges of the sport and loves seeing excitement when gymnasts are finally able to perform hard earned skills. Heather’s goals as a coach include creating a fun environment while keeping each practice challenging, to teach new and successful drills and to continue to inspire gymnasts to be the best they can be. Heather holds a Masters in Art Education with a Coaching Minor; she also holds ISSA Personal Trainer certification. Heather is married and has 4 kids; one daughter and triplets! Her interests are playing with her kids, painting, drawing, gardening, water skiing and working out. One of her biggest accomplishments has been publishing a children’s book about her sister who lives with a learning disability.

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Carrie Eberhardt

Recreational & Preschool Coach

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Carrie’s gymnastics experience ranges from her own participation in the sport to supporting her two daughters in their gymnastics careers. To start, Carrie competed for the Southwest High School in Minneapolis, placing 1st in State on the Uneven Bars. Later on Carrie began coaching in 1995 at the same gymnastics club which her daughters were part of; Crystal reached Level 10 and Cheryl a Level 9. Carrie joined the IGM team in October of 2011 and since then she has been coaching a variety of recreational classes and also instructs exciting birthday parties and day camps! She coaches because she absolutely enjoys teaching children. On her personal time, Carrie enjoys horseback riding and camping with family and friends.

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Rec & Preschool Coach



Xcel, Recreational and Preschool Coach



Recreational and Preschool Coach



Preschool Coach

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